“Home & Away” is a football term that refers to whether a team is playing at ‘home’ in their own venue, or away in someone else’s.

We hope this tournament will raise awareness and support for refugees, asylum-seekers and human-trafficking survivors living in Hong Kong. We share a message that although many are away from home, there is hope that our city is still one that cares.

This event provides a safe place for all to enjoy football and to celebrate the diverse and inspiring individuals that call Hong Kong home! Join for a fun day of friendly football bringing all parts of our community together in support of some of our most vulnerable! Enter a team, become a sponsor, or sign up to volunteer!

The action kicks off on October 11th, so mark your calendars! From 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, King’s Park Sports Ground in Ho Man Tin will host both the talented and talentless in a jaw-dropping display of football and heart-stopping goals!

Whether you’re a corporate hotshot or a casual player, we want YOU on our teams! So, gather your colleagues, friends, and neighbours, and get involved! Please click the link below to sign up before 31 August 2024:




Home and Away Football Tournament 2024

Date: 11 October 2024

Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Venue: King’s Park Sports Ground, Ho Man Tin

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We’re the non-STOP ROAD Stars!

Branches of Hope was selected as a charity partner for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon Charity Programme 2024. We had a dedicated team of 30 charity runners who participated in the 10KM, half marathon, and full marathon races in the SCHKM 2024 (21st Jan 2024). 

We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming response from our community, as the team successfully raised a total of HK$260,661+ through 25 fundraising campaigns, with contributions from over 300 generous individuals. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved!

Don’t STOP, let’s run this ROAD together!

Learn more about the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon Charity Programme 2024:

Marathon Charity Programme – Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (hkmarathon.com)

We all understand the value of global corporate citizenship, especially living in Asia’s World City. Companies who give back are trusted and valued because they model healthy citizenship to a world desperate for goodwill and social impact.

Scan Here to read our Corporate Engagement Pack (English version) or Chinese version.

To become a partner, please send a message to our partnership team via email info@branchesofhope.org.hk with the subject line ‘Branches of Hope Partner’ and we will get back to you within 3 working days.


“Home & Away” is a football term that refers to whether a team is playing at ‘home’ in their own venue, or away in someone else’s.

We hope this Tournament will raise awareness and funds for refugees, asylum-seekers and human-trafficking survivors living in Hong Kong. We bring across a message that they are away from home and separated from their families, but also instills hope that our city is one that cares.

We also hope this event will provide a place for the marginalised and vulnerable to enjoy football with different corporations in Hong Kong, and as a result genuine friendships will be formed. Moreover, to facilitate social integration across the city where they feel being cared for and experienced “Home away from Home”,
and everyone foster the spirit of “Home together”.



  1.  All footballers must be aged 16 years old or above. 

  2. Players should be aware of their own physical fitness. For the sake of safety, persons with health problems such as asthma, heart and lung diseases, plantar fasciitis should seek medical advice before entering for the tournament.  

  3. Players taking part in this event are acting solely on his / her own discretion and at his / her own risk. The organizers accept no responsibility, nor liability, for accidents of any kind, resulting in death or injury, nor for any damage or loss of personal property during the event. 

  4. To comply with the Hong Kong Government’s latest anti-pandemic guidelines, we will put in place a series of strict precautionary measures to safeguard the health and safety of our participants.  

  5. All registration fees and other donations are not refundable. 

  6. The Organiser (“Branches of Hope”) reserves the right to restrict or reject any application.


  1. Cup Champion

  2. Cup Runner-up

  3. Highest Fund Raising Team

  4. Highest Fund Raising Individual


Each participant will receive a goodie bag with the following items:

  • BOH travel bag

  • BOH quick-dry towel

  • Decodeco cooling patch

  • G&D Mint & Ginger Herbal Oil + coupon

  • BE-KIND nuts bar

  • Aquarius sports drink

  • Physiotherapy voucher (free first session) at MY Medicare

  • Drink voucher (free house wine upon dining) at Orka Central



  1. Cheque – Payable to “BRANCHES OF HOPE LTD”. Please mail cheque together with this registration form to “Branches of Hope, 29 Burrows Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong” 

  2. Bank Transfer – Branches of Hope Ltd’s HSBC account (499-814499-838).  
    Enclose the bank slips with this form, email to info@branchesofhope.org.hk

  3. Online Payment – Please make payment online at https://branchesofhope.org.hk/donations
    Please email info@branchesofhope.org.hk your payment confirmation email together with this form.

All proceeds (minus administrative cost) help raise fund for our work and service towards the most marginalised and vulnerable community in Hong Kong.

The event also aims to raise funds to support the needs of our community members. You can support us by fundraising for the event through our crowdfunding page , or create your own crowd funding page or fill in the donation form (instructions in the donation form).


  1. The normal rules of football will apply except that there will be no offside. 

  2. Shin-pads must be worn at all times. 

  3. Maximum number of players on the field will be 6 + 1 Goalkeeper. The minimum number of players is 5. 

  4. Each team must be ready to play at the appointed time. 

  5. There is no limit on substitutions.  It is not necessary to request the referee’s permission before making substitutions.  Substitutes must enter the game from the half-way line and may not do so until the substituted player has left the field.  Substituted players may return to play. 

  6. Any player receiving a red card will be suspended for a minimum of one game.  Any player receiving 2 yellow cards during the tournament will be suspended for the next match 

  7. Points system for all games: Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 points, Lose = 0 point. 

  8. All teams in the Group Stage will proceed to the Knock-out Stage.  Schedule of play in Knock-out Stage will depend on the Group Stage ranking by points.  In the event of a tie in points, it will be decided by goal average.  In the event of a tie in goal average, it will be decided by the goal average between the tied teams. 

  9. In the event of a tie at Knock-out stage and Finals Stage, the match will proceed straight to sudden-death penalties.

    *Group Stage: 12 minutes one way (no half-time).
    *Knock-out Stage: 10 minutes each way with no half-time.
    *Finals Stage: 10 minutes each way with 2 minutes half-time. 

*Note: format subject to change according to total number of teams 

Heartfelt thanks to our sponsors.

We are so excited to announce the launch of the upcoming Branches of Hope Awareness Month! This is going to be a month-long celebration of World Refugee Day (20 June) and World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (July 30), aiming to raise awareness on the issues that we take to heart. All refugees, asylum seekers (non-refoulemant claimants), and survivors of human trafficking and labour exploitation in Hong Kong have their own stories to share; however, their voices are often suppressed and unheard in the city. Taking place on 9-22 July 2022 under the theme of “Our Voices, Our Stories,” the two-week limited time exhibition aims to showcase real stories of how the most marginalised and vulnerable group gains a sense of belonging and self-value through different encounter with people, their contributions and their dreams in the city.


Date: 9 to 30 July 2022

Time: noon to 11pm (Close on Sundays)

Venue: Orka Central, 36 Wyndham Street, Central

Table reservation: https://book.bistrochat.com/orka

Click image below for full stories in English and Traditional Chinese.

Photo credit: Abram Deyo (upper left, upper middle, lower middle); Vanessa Li (lower left, upper right, lower right)


As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to soar in the city, let’s not forget about the most vulnerable and marginalised in our midst. Access to cash is one of the many challenges the city’s asylum seekers face. Each adult non-refoulement claimant receives a prepaid HK$1,200 supermarket voucher per month from the government, but with prices at supermarkets become skyrocketing, it has come to our concern and top priority to providing much-needed assistance for the community along with our supporters and community partners.

On the other hand, many trafficking survivors are staying in Hong Kong with a visitor visa (for processing legal procedures) which leaves them no choice but to stay at boarding houses or emergency shelters. Crowded living space exposes them to the risk of infection. Survivors of trafficking also usually experience mental and physical trauma from the past, which causes chronic illness. If they test virus positive, their medical challenge is not just the long waiting hours at public health care, but the possible serious complication. Visit STOP’s social media for more stories.

Immediate response from our team

  • Sourced different supplies for over 600 refugees, asylum seekers and human trafficking survivors’ community.
  • In late February 2022, we have quickly teamed up with community members and volunteers to distribute food and necessity items to over 100 households across six districts in Hong Kong on a weekly basis (as of 22 March 2022).
  • Broadcasted the most updated social distancing measures and COVID-19 restrictions in different languages to the community members.
  • Organised online workshops on the topics of labour rights relating to COVID-19 and mental wellness for adults and online classes for children.


24-25 FEBRUARY 2022

Our first round off-site to-the-door distribution of food items, coupons, and medical supplies was done on 24 and 25 February with the help from our community members (they are our heroes!), serving around 50 households across various districts in the first batch.

11 MARCH 2022

Our second off-site to-the-door distribution was done on 11 March with the help from our community members and volunteers. 46 households across various districts were served so far. We have also rolled out distribution plans on a weekly basis for those who have only limited access to supplies, targeting to reach over 110 households by end of March.

18 MARCH 2022

Our third off-site to-the-door distribution was done on 18 March with the help from our community members and volunteers. 68 households across various districts were served on this round making 114 were served in total so far.

25 MARCH 2022

Our fourth off-site to-the-door distribution was done on 25 March with the help from our community members and volunteers. 43 households across various districts were served on this round making 140 households were served in total so far.

1 APRIL 2022

Our fifth and last off-site to-the-door distribution in phase two was done on 1 April with the help from our community members and volunteers. 111 households with 346 individuals across various districts were served on this round.


Happy to see everyone working hard on this.

Volunteer E

Thank you to all Branches of Hope team. We appreciate your effort to help us.

Community member R

Thank you so much it made my day so grateful. When I received the food packed that you given for us and also for the coupon. only I can say more is God bless you and your intire (entire) family.

Community member P

It’s very difficult for us during this pandemic because its too much pressure fir us as a parents,, our daily life like affect us mentally, emotionally and also financially, our food card like useless because we have nothing to buy now at park n shop and we cant used that card to other store.

Community member F

Thank you so much to all of staff and organisers. God bless us.

Community member A

Who I’m today it’s because I received many support and I feel I am blessed to have that. And I wish to spread this support and care to many people who like me.

Community member H

Special Thanks to our Donors

Adventist Development and Relief Agency
Bird & Bird
Chinese International School
Crossroads International
Federation of Hong Kong Brands
Foodlink Foundation

International Organization for Migration
Jean Ho Foundation
New World Development Company Limited
The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong
The Vine
The Yeh Family Philanthropy
YWAM Tuen Mun

…and all of you who supported us by donating via our crowdfunding page or providing in-kind donations.

Cards Against Trafficking is a set of educational tools aims at engaging the general public in a creative and fun manner and to provide culturally-relevant information so that public opinion in Hong Kong on human trafficking can be changed. It contains 47 cards in English and Chinese that provide both visuals and definitions to describe the wide array of terms used in the field of human trafficking. The vocabulary included in this boxset has been specifically chosen to fit within the context of this city.

If you are interested, you can purchase the cards from our office in Wan Chai. For more details please email info@branchesofhope.org.hk.


While past studies have explored the situation of adult migrant and Mainland Chinese sex workers with respect to violence, migration, working conditions, occupational safety and trafficking, very little is known about trafficking of young local sex workers and minors in Hong Kong. Between late 2019 to 2020, STOP interviewed 7 former part-time girlfriends and 14 stakeholders to understand more about the work conditions of female local youth sex workers in Hong Kong.


Through this project, we hope to capture a holistic picture of young people’s experiences, including both their vulnerability and resiliences to exploitation in the HK sex trade, and potential intersections with human trafficking. It also seeks to prioritise young people’s voices, and provide a space for them to speak about their needs and hopes for the future.


As we see the vulnerabilities of exploited people, it is important that we respect and acknowledge sex workers’ autonomy and self-agency. While STOP has assisted a numbers of forced prostitution cases involving migrant women tricked or coerced to work in Hong Kong, there are plenty of sex workers by choice. How do local youths enter the compensated dating scene? We spoke with seven young PTGFs who offered sexual services and had entered the industry before the age of 24.


Before entering the industry, majority of interviewees had the impression that PTGF work is ‘simple’, ‘easy’, and a way to earn ‘quick money’. When asked how their opinions about the industry have changed after working in it, more than half have acquired a less favourable view. What has caused the change?


Workers in the sex industry are commonly exposed to various forms of exploitation and violence. As sex workers in Hong Kong can only work independently by law, they are left with no choice but to handle risky situations alone. In turn, many have developed their own set of self-protection strategies. We have compiled a list of ‘self-defense principles’ shared by our interviewees.


When it comes to regulations on the sex industry in Hong Kong, whose interests and morals do policymakers protect? As a strong believer of worker-led policy reforms, STOP asked interviewees to share their thoughts on present policies.






Rights Exposure ——————— 研究顧問

青躍 ——————— 合作機構

岑俊達博士 ——————— 義務學術顧問

李紫媚博士 ——————— 義務學術講者 (研究訪問員訓練)

Suzanne Wong, Yanyan Chan ——————— 研究訪問員

陳詠欣 ——————— 撰文者

劉玉梅 ——————— 攝影師

Our heartfelt thanks to all of the sex workers who gave their time despite the challenges of the pandemic, and so generously shared with us about their lives and insights. We are deeply grateful also to all stakeholders who participated in this project for sharing their perspectives and expertise.

This project would not have been possible without the help of various individuals and organizations:

Rights Exposure ——————— Research Consultant

Teen’s Key ——————— Partner Organization

Dr Terence Shum ——————— pro bono Academic Consultant

Dr Li Chi-mei ——————— pro bono Academic Speaker (Research Interviewer Training)

Suzanne Wong, Yanyan Chan ——————— Research Interviewers

Eugene Chan ——————— Author of Articles

Carol Lau ——————— Photographer


與PTGF同行 人口販運立法倡議 嚴懲性剝削者


PTGF的自白 性權教育啟蒙 助她們走出陰影