Social Reform


We believe that social collaboration and public education are key to driving change.

STOP offers training, workshops, and informational materials in English and Chinese to equip students of various age groups, practitioners, and different communities in Hong Kong to build capacity for identifying and responding to human trafficking in a trauma-informed manner. We also partner and meet with individuals and interested frontline organisations on a regular basis to exchange information and discuss possibilities of collaboration. If interested, please email us at for more information.

A glimpse of our past projects…


Trafficked migrants’ experience of seeking justice in Hong Kong (2023)

This report considers how effectively the Action Plan to Tackle Trafficking in Persons and to Enhance Protection of Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong (the Action Plan) has been implemented and, specifically, whether it has helped trafficked people access justice in Hong Kong SAR.

To inform this research, Stop Trafficking Of People (STOP) conducted in-depth interviews with 11 migrant workers who had been trafficked to Hong Kong for sexual or labour exploitation, and four civil society organisations that support trafficked people. The interviews explored trafficked migrants’ experience of using the justice system and how existing procedures might be improved to better meet survivors’ needs.

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Empowerment & protection of local young sex workers in Hong Kong (2022)

Between 2019-2020, STOP interviewed 7 former part-time girlfriends and 14 stakeholders to understand more about the work conditions of female local youth sex workers in Hong Kong. Through this project, we hope to capture a holistic picture of young people’s experiences, including both their vulnerability and resiliences to exploitation in the HK sex trade, and potential intersections with human trafficking. It also seeks to prioritise young people’s voices, and provide a space for them to speak about their needs and hopes for the future.

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STOP believes that the key to putting a stop to Hong Kong’s “hidden epidemic” of human trafficking, is by listening with humility to the diverse voices in our community, and by encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to actively engage in discussion about these issues. For World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2020, STOP invited a group of our volunteers and Jacqueline (Former Research and Policy Officer of STOP) to ‘take the stage’ and share with us their insights and knowledge about human trafficking. The campaign included a series of five articles and a short film (Cantonese) on Facebook.

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Human trafficking is the second largest crime in the world. There are an estimated 50 million people in Modern Slavery today. As consumers, we have the power to end slavery in supply chains, one industry at a time:

1. Research Before You Buy: Fashion (2020)

2. Research Before You Buy: Food (2022)