We all understand the value of global corporate citizenship, especially living in Asia’s World City. Companies who give back are trusted and valued because they model healthy citizenship to a world desperate for goodwill and social impact.

Some examples:

  • Donate part of corporate profits: ICAP raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by donating one day of their profits to us, out of the handful of recipients in 2018.
  • Employee donation matching: Macquaire, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and the Economist Group match staff donations and fundraising.
  • Donate company products: Polygroup donated their leading product- synthetic pine Christmas trees with LED light, for us to resell.
  • Corproate volunteering: Goldman Sachs’ community teamwork event hosted at our centre, cooking and exchanging stories with our community members.
  • Form a team: football is a big part of asylum seekers’ culture. Macquarie and Citi hosted a football tournament, playing with our community members.
  • Donation box: Pacific Coffee Company placed a donation box at 100+ of their retail outlets.


Some examples:

  • Talent shows: Hong Kong Academy and ISTA Academy produced a play based on our refugee’s story and followed up with a talent show in the following year. They raised HKD 53,000 through ticket sales, food and beverage sales. Learn more.
  • Fundraiser: Hong Kong International School raised HKD 2,500 through a thrift shop initiative. 
  • Awareness day: YMCA Christian College raised HKD 6,700 through the Adopt a Charity initiative. 
  • Creative, Activity and Service: Renaissance College raised HKD 2,390 through their Creative, Activity and Service week selling bracelets made by our ladies group. 


To become a partner, simply send a message to our team and someone will get back to you within one week. Or you may email with the subject line ‘Branches of Hope Partner’