Tactics of human trafficking evolve every day. To reduce the vulnerability of migrant domestic workers, eliminate risks of exploitation, education is our key. STOP’s Empowerment program is designed to equip participants’ knowledge on their rights and responsibilities as migrant workers, lead them to rethink their situations, further empower them to avoid traps of exploitation and stand up for their rights.

We actively engage and facilitate capacity-building within targeted communities, supporting their efforts to combat human trafficking and exploitation.


Migrant Domestic Worker Outreach & Empowerment Program

To prevent human trafficking and exploitation, we believe that mutual support within migrant community is the key to fight against everchanging forms of modern slavery. STOP conducts regular community outreach to migrant domestic workers on Sundays, to provide relevant information and resources. Through this, we hope to establish a sense of community and become part of MDW’s support network when they encounter any forms of exploitation, further build resilience for the community to respond to potential risk. We firmly believe that education plays a pivotal role in strengthening the resilience of migrant workers against exploitation. STOP’s Empowerment program is designed to provide the community with comprehensive knowledge regarding their rights and responsibilities as migrant workers. Monthly workshops are conducted with the objective to encourage individuals to critically reflect on their situations, enabling them to recognize and avoid potential traps of exploitation while equipping them with the tools to assert their rights.

Participants who attend the program are also invited to become outreach ambassadors for STOP in leading community outreach to fellow migrant domestic workers on Sundays. Essential information and resources are shared within the community during these outreach sessions, with the aim to multiply the effects of the workshops, strengthen the community’s support network and foster a collective response against exploitation and trafficking.


Sex Worker Outreach

STOP recognizes the criticality of equipping sex workers with the necessary knowledge to make informed responses and effectively counter exploitation and trafficking. By adopting a rights-based approach that prioritizes the access of sex workers to essential tools and information concerning work safety and rights, we conduct one-woman brothel outreach monthly, providing workers with free & anonymous rapid HIV test kits, as well as information about available social services. We strive to walk alongside those who have been trafficked or find themselves trapped in exploitative working conditions in the sex industry, providing them with support and resources to restore and reclaim their safety, voice and agency.

If you love making new friends and have a passion for spreading awareness about anti-human trafficking, please click here to join our outreach team.