June 19, 2020


Megh* came to Hong Kong in 2015 from Bangladesh, and her son was born three years later with a serious heart condition. While her son struggled with his heart condition, Megh’s daughter also began kindergarten. Without the ability to work, she struggled to pay for her daughter’s external kindergarten costs.

However, after Megh became connected with Branches of Hope, she was able to receive assistance from the Keeping Kids in Kindergarten sponsorship for her daughter. With support from sponsorship, Megh was able to pay for her daughter’s school books, stationery, uniform, registration fees, and other costs not covered by the government.

The situation changed drastically during the pandemic when schools closed and students were asked to study online. Megh was once again at a disadvantage. The technology she had access to at home was limited, so her daughter had to use Megh’s phone to watch class recordings. Volunteers from Branches of Hope went on a home visit to see Megh and became aware of her limited access to technology and its impact on the daughter’s schooling. Branches of Hope realized the value of setting her up with a laptop. 

Through assistance from the sponsorship, Megh was able to alleviate some of the difficulties of simultaneously raising her ill son and funding her daughter’s education. Amidst the pandemic, the type of support she received evolved, so her daughter could continue to learn despite the technology divide.
  *Name has been changed to protect her identity, and photo is from stock image.