June 17, 2020


Dalia* arrived in Hong Kong 17 years ago from South Asia. She has been a key community member over the years, helping out in classes and logistics. She also was a Secret Angel recipient. She said, “Every year, we received very good Christmas gifts. That helped us a lot. Without asking me any questions, they (Branches of Hope) understand my situation, they believe in me.”

The government subsidies haven’t changed since 2014. 10 years ago, she was able to find a place to stay with the subsidy amount of HKD 1,500. Luckily, as a Secret Angel recipient, she was able to find a place with the donation she received. 

The supermarket card that the government provides usually runs out halfway through the month. She is thankful for NGOs that provide food packs to help the asylum seekers. 

In her home country, she didn’t get an opportunity for a good education. She learned English and computer skills all in Hong Kong. Now resettled to Europe, she looks forward to her next chapter utilising these skills.

She recounted her time in Hong Kong: during the earlier years, she faced a lot of racism and stigma. She is thankful to NGOs like Branches of Hope that helped to educate the public on the refugee issue. she observed a more tolerant and open society now. 

*Name has been changed to protect her identity. The image is not her.