1. What is Branches of Hope?

Branches of Hope is a registered nonprofit whose mission is to restore dignity, justice, and hope to the vulnerable and marginalised in Hong Kong.

2. Who do you serve?

We currently serve refugees, asylum seekers, and victims of human trafficking. As our work develops and resources allow, we are open to serving new groups and addressing other concerns in the years to come. Read more here.

3. How are you funded?

Our organisation’s work is made possible by a network of faithful donors. To learn more, explore our campaigns, visit our donate page,  or consider becoming a partner.

4. Will I receive a tax receipt for donations made to Branches of Hope?

Branches of Hope Ltd is granted tax exemption under Section 88 of Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Ordinance. To get a tax receipt, you will need to provide your full name and postal address along with a donation of more than HK$100.

5. I made a donation 2 months ago, but I have not received a tax receipt. Why is that?

We issue tax receipts once a year. As long as you’ve provided your donation details (full name and postal address), you will receive a tax receipt in May of the calendar year (or that of the following year).

6. What is the relationship between Branches of Hope and The Vine Church?

Branches of Hope began under the Refugee Ministry at The Vine Church. In 2012, we became a separate NGO, Vine Community Services Ltd, until our name change in early 2018.

7. Does The Vine Community Services Ltd (VCSL) still exist?

Effective 12 March 2018, Vine Community Services Limited has changed its official name to Branches of Hope.

8. I have issued a cheque to The Vine Community Services Ltd. Will Branches of Hope receive this as a donation?

Cheques written to The Vine Community Services Limited will be accepted until 29 June, 2018. All cheques after that date must be written to our new name, Branches of Hope Ltd.

9. I have an active direct debit donation to The Vine Community Services Ltd. Will the name change affect my donation?

The name change should not affect your direct debit instruction. However, the recipient party will appear as Branches of Hope Ltd on your bank statement.