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Joe graciously shared, "you are not only awakening hope in refugees like me and my family when you give; you are also helping us become self-reliant and changing our lives in the process."

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Testimony, ROADPamela Wong

This video was filmed before Thomas went back to Nepal, he wanted to start a church in Kathmandu. 2 years later, he built a church call Vine Church Nepal in the city and became the pastor of that church. We sent our pastors and conducted the baptism for them.

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Joh & Hyppo

They had no place to stay when they first arrived, a stranger cheated them for their money soon after their arrival, and they had to sleep at the airport, around the Star Ferry, and on the street for months. Without any money, they could only ask for bread from charities, and that was all they had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Life was beyond difficult for them.

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