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ROAD Ministry Administrator

Branches of Hope is a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation established to serve as a beacon of hope to the most overlooked, ignored and vulnerable in our society, and constitutes the social justice expression of The Vine Church. ROAD is an initiative of Branches of Hope which is focused on providing assistance to the Refugee and Asylum Seeker (RAS) community in Hong Kong. It provides social support, financial assistance, educational and development opportunities to the RAS community. We have currently an opening for a full-time position which reports directly to the RAS Pastor. The role and responsibilities are as follows:

Job Description

  • Work with RAS Pastor and Community Coordinators to ensure that the weekly midweek fellowship services are delivered with a spirit of excellence.

  • Work with RAS Pastor and other departments in The Vine Church to ensure that discipleship classes are delivered.

  • Work with Fundraising & Communication Team to ensure that any news-worthy stories are captured and reported for communication to Branches of Hope stakeholders.

  • Promote discipleship and other classes and courses related to spiritual growth or leadership development to our community, and other organisations if required, to ensure that the right people are attracted and committed to the right courses.

  • Work with RAS Pastor to coordinate, promote, and help logistically with any special events held in or outside of Branches of Hope and/or The Vine Church.

  • Coordinate, manage and track hospital, home, and prison pastoral visitations, whether performed by the RAS Pastor or Community Coordinators.

  • Work with the Refugee Assistance Administrator to ensure accurate management and distribution of financial assistance and transportation and/or meal allowances.

  • Identify, coordinate and supervise willing volunteers from outside our community and develop them to help deliver courses, services, and events.

  • Assist in supervising any refugees from within our community who are assigned duties related to the mid-week fellowship services or other ministry related activities.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum education: High-School graduate or equivalent.

  • Highly organized, self-driven with proven administrative experience.

  • Good computer skills, discrete and sensitive to details.

  • Good written and spoken command of English. A second language is desirable.

How to Apply